If your application involves lasers, Ophir has photonic measurement solutions that can help you. Demanding applications such as medical devices and processes, additive manufacturing, industrial materials processing C the list keeps growing, ever faster C all benefit from Ophirs standard and customized solutions.
And from Ophirs 40+ years of experience and industry leadership.

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Materials Processing

From cutting steel, to drilling via holes in silicon, to marking plastic, a whole range of material processes now make use of the laser to produce results not previously practical.
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Additive Manufacturing

Lightweight, complex mechanical parts can now be built to order quickly and automatically, thanks to Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies. AM involves building up a structure by adding
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LED Measurements

LEDs are increasingly replacing traditional light sources in a wide range of applications. They are small, cheap, power efficient, have longer lifetimesand the list of advantages goes on.
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Because a laser beam provides a vehicle for delivering energy in such a precisely controlled way, and without physical contact.
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Modern science is able to do what it does because its quantitative; it relies on measurements and calculations to deliver solid results.
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Hair removalskin rejuvenationtreatment of certain skin conditionsThese are all applications in which IPL is commonly used.
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Customized Solutions

Integrating a customized laser measurement tool into your system, to monitor the lasers performance so that your process continues to do just what you expect it to do, makes good sense.
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Fiber Optics

There is often confusion when dealing with beams emerging from a fiber. The geometry is a bit different; we have a diverging beam coming out of a small aperture.
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Eye Safety

Even low power laser beams can be hazardous to the human eye. The more sensitive a detector is, the more delicate it is. The human eye is still far and away the ultimate photonic detector.
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Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting ֲƱs (VCSELs) are a type of semiconductor laser diodes. Unlike edge emitting laser diodes, VCSELs emit upwards and thus can be easily packaged as emitter arrays containing hundreds of emitters on a single chip.
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THz Measurement

The unique characteristics of THz radiation make it useful in such applications as medical imaging (for example cancer detection), materials characterization, high speed communications, and homeland security surveillance.
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The unique challenges of optical power measurement in telecom applications need unique solutions.
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ֲƱ light and the automotive industry are closely tight together. On the one hand, high-powered laser-based manufacturing plays a key role in the automotive industry.
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Direct Energy

ֲƱs are certainly changing ways that our soldiers and sailors are neutralizing their targets. It is a rapidly emerging technology sector that is allowing our armies and navies to operate more efficiently during conflicts.
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