LED Measurement

LEDs are enabling new applications. Ophir offers a number of choices to measure LEDs. From sensors to measure power, irradiance, and dosage to the all-in-one measurement of complete LED luminaires with the FluxGage system.

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    The Ophir FluxGage 604 compact measurement system for LED luminaires delivers x and y color coordinates, CCT and illuminance within seconds. FluxGage is Everything To Get Your Light Right.

  • Measurement Technology As A Competitive Advantage

    Signify uses the Ophir FluxGage photometric measurement system to quickly and easily measure the main light parameters of an LED luminaire during the development process.

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All-in-one measurement of LED Luminaires

The Ophir FluxGage devices measure light parameters of LED luminaires in a matter of seconds. Various versions for different applications are available.

Power measurement

UV, VIS, and IR LEDs are replacing traditional light sources and enabling new applications. Ophir offers a number of choices in LED power measurement.

Irradiance & Dosage

This sensor family provides cosine corrected irradiance and dosage measurement ideally suited for the use with UV, VIS and IR LED based light sources.

LED Calibration

Proper and reliable calibration is one of the most important factors that designates the quality of Ophir measurement products.