All-in One measurement of LED Luminaires

The Ophir FluxGage? devices measure light parameters of LED luminaires and LED boards in 2 geometry in a matter of seconds. The easy-to-use measurement system captures and calculates data such as total luminous flux, chromaticity, CCT, Rf and Rg as per TM-30, illuminance and flicker as well as PPF. Depending on size and characteristic of the LED luminaire, different product lines are available that are all based on the use of solar panels as light detectors. The systems can be used in R&D, end-of-line LED luminaire production applications as well as in incoming inspection. FluxGage can quickly eliminate the ambient light with a simple background measurement. Additionally, a custom-made coverplate can be used so there is no need of a dark room. With its different sizes and sensitivities it can easily be applied in a wide variety of applications, e.g. industrial, architectural, commercial, street, signage, horticultural lighting and many more. The FGC100 calibration standard is used to calibrate the FluxGage systems. To find out how the Ophir FluxGage system saves time and money in different applications, see our case studies.