Software / Firmware Listing

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______Version 2.54*
  Ophir DeviceSoftwareLabVIEWFirmware

Ophir ֲƱ Measurement Instruments - Nova II

Nova StarLab
COM object
LabVIEW for Nova II Version 2.54*

StarLite ֲƱ Power Meter

StarLite StarLab
COM object
LabVIEW for StarLite Version 1.39

Ophir ֲƱ Measurement Instruments - ֲƱStar Dual channel

ֲƱStar Dual Channel StarCom LabVIEW for ֲƱStar Dual Channel N.A.

Ophir ֲƱ Measurement Instruments - ֲƱStar Single channel

ֲƱStar Single Channel StarCom LabVIEW for ֲƱStar Single Channel N.A.

Ophir ֲƱ Measurement Instruments - Nova

Nova StarCom LabVIEW for Nova N.A.

Ophir ֲƱ Measurement Instruments - Juno

Juno StarLab
COM object
LabVIEW for Juno Version 1.53*

Ophir ֲƱ Measurement Instruments - Juno

Juno+ StarLab
COM object
LabVIEW for Juno+ Version 2.07*

Ophir ֲƱ Measurement Instruments - EA-1 (Ethernet Adapter)

EA-1 (Ethernet Adapter) StarLab
OphirEthernetApp Software
N.A. Version 1.17**

Ophir ֲƱ Measurement Instruments - Pulsar-1/2/4

Pulsar-1/2/4 StarLab
COM object
LabVIEW for Pulsar Version 1.30

Ophir ֲƱ Measurement Instruments - Quasar

Quasar StarLab
N.A. Version 1.25*

Ophir ֲƱ Measurement Instruments-UAU-Board

UAU Board Virtual COM port
N.A. N.A.

Ophir ֲƱ Measurement Instruments-UAU-Board

Water Flow Meters
WaterFlowMeter Software N.A. Version 1.08

Helios PC Application

Helios-Profinet Sensor
Helios-EtherNet/IP Sensor
Helios Software N.A. Version 1.11


16K-W Interlock
N.A. N.A. Version 1.05

PE-C Sensors

PE-C Sensors StarLab N.A. Version 1.74*

BeamTrack Sensors

BeamTrack Sensors StarLab N.A. Version 1.12*
* If your device operates with StarLab: use StarLab to upgrade the firmware of your device.Press Here for step-by-step instructions. For PE-C & BeamTrack sensors see instructions in "Software" tab in the sensor page.
** Use OphirEthernetApp to upgrade the firmware of the EA-1 device. Press Here for step-by-step instructions.
Watch the Firmware Upgrade of StarLite and StarBright video